How many calories are burned at various physical loads

How many calories are burned at various physical loads

With age, the human body undergoes irreversible changes, accompanied by a slowing metabolism. The latter process sometimes leads to the appearance of excess weight. Avoid this, only by regularly caring for your body. Sport, an active way of life, regularly performed physical exercises – a pledge of harmony for decades.

But not all types of activity lead to the same effect, since for some actions per unit time, for example, 100 kcal is consumed, while for others, it is five times more. Which activities burn the most calories? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer, since everything depends on the age, weight and height of a person, the constitution of the body. However, you can average the rate of calorie consumption to make a rating of the most effective exercises. In our article you will find summary tables on the expenditure of calories when practicing different sports.


The daily need for calories

The average person needs at least 1600 kcal, Entering the body with food, provided that the whole day it is at rest. Women, although slightly active, require 2000 calories, for men – 2500.

Alas, a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet lead to the appearance of extra pounds. Later, people begin to take care of the body, performing various kinds of exercises.

There is an empirical formula for determining the vital number of calories. For women, it looks like this:

9.99 × weight (in kg) + 6.25 × height (in cm) – 4.92 × age – 161;

To calculate the index for men, the figure “5” is added to the result.

If the goal of sports is to purchase the optimal weight, you must follow the rule: the number of calories expended should exceed the amount consumed by 20%. For example, according to the above formula, 1600 kcal was obtained. Then, to obtain normal conditions, it is required to burn 320 kcal per day. How to do it – personal choice of each, some choose intensive physical exercises, others – long cyclic loads. Before a detailed consideration of the methods of burning calories, one should turn to the natural data of a person.

Dependence of energy loss on body structure

There are three types of structure:

  • ectomorph;
  • mesomorph;
  • endomorph.

The first is characterized by leanness, long limbs, narrow palms and feet, almost complete absence of fatty layer. Such a representative spends energy 5-8% faster.

The second is characterized by a developed muscular system, a long torso, broad shoulders. The indicators listed below refer specifically to them as the most common representatives.

Endomorph can be distinguished by a rounded face and body, an impressive volume of subcutaneous interlayer. It consumes calories more slowly by 6-9% than the mesomorph, because the available fat slows the metabolism.

Considering the appropriate type of physical activity to maintain the optimal weight, you need to consider the structure of your own body. Now it is worthwhile to clarify the number of calories burned with different mobility by the example of a man weighing 70 kg.

Physical exercises at home

Many people do not want to go to the gym, preferring to move at home. Someone can say that this is wrong, but even simple movements of the game format can benefit the body. For example, a skipping rope. Since childhood, a familiar occupation at a frequency of 120-150 jumps every minute for an hour burns about 750 kcal. It is difficult to sustain an hour of continuous movement, so it is recommended to perform 6-8 sets of 8-10 minutes. Then calories will be spent a little less (600 kcal).

Skipping rope is considered the most effective way to maintain a normal weight, if you do not want to leave the house.

Exercise with the weight of your body (push-ups, pull-ups on the bar, jumps “legs together / apart”, lifting the torso on the press), with light intensity, burn 250, at high – 550 kcal.

The popular exercise “bar”, alas, is not the best method of consuming calories – up to 5 kcal every minute. However, it is worth doing at least to strengthen the muscles and timely transition to heavier exercises.

When the “bar with dumbbells” is implemented, the situation is different. Taking the load by each hand, the latter alternately rise to the body and stay for 2-3 seconds. For a minute 15 kcal is burnt.


calories are burned


Some people do not accept work with the load, leaning towards the hoop. It is curious that for the benefit of torsion hulahupa comparable to running – an hour lost about 600 calories! Leading nutritionists of the world assure that if you twist the hoop of 5-6 ten-minute sessions daily, this will result in a narrowing of the waist by 3 cm every month.

Dancing at home is not worse than running, swimming or playing sports. For an hour of intense movements 450 kcal are burnt. The indicator varies, based on the speed and complexity of the dance.

Exercises outside the home

In favor of cyclic sports with aerobic exercise (deep breathing on a high pulse), it’s easy to believe by looking at their representatives. Swimmers, runners, cyclists, skiers have slenderness, slenderness, leanness.

If we compile the average rating of sports by the number of calories consumed per 1 kg of body weight, it looks like this:

  • 5th place – riding, riding (5,167);
  • 4 th place – classes in the gym (5,2);
  • 3rd place – mobile games like football, basketball, etc. (6,273);
  • 2 nd place – water sports (6,625);
  • 1 place – run (9,00).
A guaranteed way to burn excess calories is running – hourly travel at a speed of 12 km / h will spin 700 kcal, at a speed of 8 km / h – 560 kcal.

Even steeper walking up the stairs – for 60 minutes the body will thank you for the loss of 900 kcal. Bicycle riding uses less muscle than running, so the rate of calorie consumption is reduced by 15-20%.

Winter forms of physical activity require energy not only for movement – the lion’s share of calories goes to warm the body. For hourly skating on ice, a person loses 700 calories, and on skis – up to 900 calories, depending on the conditions.

Do not think that warm clothes interfere with spending extra calories and do not neglect the protection from freezing.

The same goes for swimming. When in the water, the human body experiences stress, accompanied by the ejection of calories to warm the body. Sailing at a speed of 10 m / min burns 215 kcal, at a speed of 50 m / min – 720 kcal.

A perfect method of parting with excess weight are jumping on a trampoline. If you spend 15 minutes, the calories consumed are comparable to the hour of training on the treadmill.

For a comfortable assimilation of the presented information, the table below shows the expenditure of calories for a person weighing 70 kg.

Table 1. The expenditure of calories in house activity.

Activity type Hourly calorie consumption, kcal
Jumping rope 750
Push-ups, swinging of the press, sit-ups without load, pull-ups 250-550
Plank horizontal on straight arms 300
Plank with dumbbells 900
Slow dance (waltz, tango, ballroom) 215
Fast Dance 450
Torsion hoop around the trunk 600
Simple muscle stretching 125
Static Yoga 230
Lying position without sleep 80
Sleep 50

Table 2. Calorie expenditure for activity outside the home.

Activity type Hourly calorie consumption, kcal
Biking (20 km / h) 540
Moderate running (12 km / h) 700
Easy jogging (8 km / h) 560
Running up the stairs 900
Skiing on a flat surface 500
Downhill skiing from the mountain 900
Cool skating 700
Snowboarding from the mountain 800
Slow breaststroke swimming 400
Fast swimming breaststroke 460
Slow crawl swimming 490
Fast crawl swimming 570

Any kind of physical activity will allow you to lose weight by burning calories. When choosing you need to rely on the amount of free time and current sporting conditions.