How long does it take to pump the press?

pump the press

How long does it take to pump the press?

A slender figure, a relief press or at least a flat stomach, is the dream of many slimming, not everyone can achieve it. And all because this work is not for the lazy, because you have to train daily and with full dedication. Starting to work on your body, each losing weight asks a question, and for how much can you pump up a press so that the cubes appear? The answer depends on many factors.




What is a press?

Before you do to inflate the dice you need to understand what the abdominal press is. The press is a muscle group consisting of a large number of muscles, but the main ones are only 4:

  • Slanting outer;
  • The oblique inner;
  • Straight;
  • Transversal.

Each of them is responsible for their cycle of movements, and they should be downloaded using different exercises.

So the muscle on which the cubes are directly located – the straight line, is responsible for the work of the lower back and pelvis. There is also an upper and lower part of the press. The first one can be pumped up by lifting the trunk up, the second one – lifting your legs, which allows you to work the muscle along the entire length. On the diagonal to it is located the external oblique muscle, which is responsible for the turns, bends and slopes of the trunk. To pump it, you must regularly perform asymmetric twisting, leg lifts and turns.

Further under it there is an oblique inner muscle, which is responsible for the body and bending movements. It can be pumped by various inclinations, turns and rotational movements by the pelvis or the upper part of the trunk. And the last muscle is transverse. It is located under the entire surface of the abdomen and allows you to achieve the effect of the plane. You can pump it using various exercises to lift the lower limbs.

What do you need to quickly pump up the press?

First you need to decide what is the cause of sagging, whether it’s muscle weakness, or has already grown fat. At the second variant it is necessary for some time “to sit” on a low-calorie diet and to refuse the use of high-carbohydrate products. Because they cause the deposition of fats on the abdomen and waist. After this, you should increase the intensity of training.

In order for cubes to appear on the abdominal press, you should regularly pump it. If a beginner starts to work, then one should not be very zealous in the first days. The load increases gradually, otherwise the abdominal pain and general malaise will be provided.

When pumping cube and press, in general, the main role is played not by the number of repeats performed, but by rhythm and intensity. Recommended pace: in 15 seconds you need to perform 15 lifts. After that, break 30-40 seconds and a new series. Exercises are performed consistently on all muscle groups. If you limit yourself to one dice, it will be enough 100 times to lift the hull and as many times as lifting your legs.

Over time, the body will get used to the stresses and then they can be increased. To do this, you can use sports various projectiles, such as a gymnastics roller, an expander, dumbbells or weights. In addition, it is necessary to increase the number and intensity of repetitions and complicate the complex of exercises, adding loads to other types of muscles.

How long does it take for the dice to appear?

How long can I pump the press? A unequivocal answer to this question is difficult to find. A lot depends on the degree of neglect of the press. If a person was suffering from excess weight, then he will have to lose weight, and how much time it will take is unknown.

Much will depend on the regularity of training. Those who are engaged daily and with full dedication will be able to notice tangible results within a month. If you practice 2-3 times a week, it will take more time.

Desire and load. Also the main components. You can regularly go to the gym or at home to rock the press, but do it slowly, in the floor of strength. Naturally, the result will be the same. The changes will be noticeable, but we can not count on a quick “victory”.




So, to quickly pump up the press and the cubes you need:

  • Have a great desire;
  • Do not be lazy and regularly attend training sessions;
  • Do the exercises correctly;
  • Observe the rhythm and intensity;
  • Timely increase the load;
  • Healthy food.

Experts say that if you give pumped press 15-20 minutes 2 times a day, the first cubes can already appear in 2 weeks. The main thing is not to stop at what has been achieved and bring the matter to the end, no matter how long it takes.